Wall Of Hope 2023

On October 7th, 2023, thousands of armed Hamas terrorists tore down large parts of the Gaza security fence using tractors,
RPGs and explosives and invaded southern Israel.
Simultaneously, Hamas terrorists in Gaza fired thousands of rockets toward Israel.
Over 1,400 civilians were murdered,
including childrens, and over 200 were abducted, among them 38 children.

For demanding their safe return, 38 artists created mural work, each dedicated to one of the 38 kidnapped children.

Kfir was only 9 months old when he was taken with his 4-year-old brother and (hopefully) their parents, from their home at Kibbutz Nir Oz.
Kfir hadn't learned to talk or walk yet; he barely learned to eat, but he did learn the harsh reality of how cruel and evil the world can be.
It's heartbreaking that children are paying the price of war and stuck in the middle of this power and hate conflict.
Every child deserves a chance to just be a child, regardless of where they were born.

This project was organize by @yamb0x.eth & @freeourkids_il
Assistant: @Sapireee